Doochi's basically a family Story, rooted in tradition – and me and my mum, Rasheeda, are the ones weaving the threads!
My family is from all over Balochistan but predominantly hails from the coastal charms of Gwadar.
However my mum, grew up in quiet village over in Malir, Karachi and like many,
surrounded by the beauty of Baloch Doochi (Embroidery) (Yeah, that’s what that means).

Now, let's fast-track to London. We clocked a gap in the scene – not many knew about the Baloch people and the real deal with authentic Balochi outfits.
That sparked a fire, and we found ourselves on a mission to spread the Doochi vibes far and wide.

And me? The Londoner in the mix.
I got all wrapped up in the tales of my parents' heritage and fashion from back in the day.
Together, we birthed Doochi – a brand out to broadcast the splendours of Baloch culture and fashion around the globe.

So, what's the low down on Doochi? Keeping Baloch culture is an integral part of our brand ethos, and endeavour to continue doing so! We'reall about unleashing ancient needle craft on the world and shaking up the whole idea of dressing 'traditionally.' We've got something for everyone, whether it's our vintage pieces that are essentially wearable art or our fusion collection, blending modern silhouettes with traditional flair. 

- Sammee Co Founder of Doochi