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Pishook T-Shirt (PRE ORDER)

Pishook T-Shirt (PRE ORDER)

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Introducing the "Pishook" Tee Shirt by Doochis – a captivating fusion of Baluchistan’s natural elegance and Japanese vintage artistry. This exclusive design features the elusive Sand cat, a native mammal of the Baluchistan region.

The Pishook Tee Shirt is not just a garment; it's a canvas of cultural richness and aesthetic sophistication. The Sand cat, symbolizing grace and resilience, takes centre stage in this unique piece of wearable art. Bathing in milk, the feline form becomes a poignant metaphor for the fluid of eternal life, fertility, and abundance. Meanwhile, the pomegranate, deeply rooted in Iranian Baluchi culture, adds a touch of mystique, representing fertility, beauty, and eternal life as per Greek and Persian mythology.

This item is available for pre-order, allowing you to secure your own piece of artistry before it becomes widely available. Each shirt is meticulously crafted upon order, adding a personalized touch to your wardrobe. Orders will be dispatched within 10 business days.

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